Never Drying
Never Ending Moisture Never Drying Line
What is the Never Drying Line?
Never Drying is a high-quality, high content of Bulgarian Rose Oil, bringing a miraculous effect to the skin. BR penta-balancing effect improves five kinds of balance: moisture, elasticity, skin tone, vitality, sensitivity, which are the essential conditions for youthful skin. Never Drying line is best for those who feel their skin is sagging, feel strong functional products (ampoules, creams, etc.) are not well absorbed, wants to fill healthy moisture to intensely dry skin, and wants highly functional product for sensitive skin.
What are the benefits of using is the Never Drying Line?
Never Drying products contain huge amount of Bulgarian Rose Oil. Fine particles of Bulgarian Rose immediately penetrates deep into the skin. It contains Vitamin C (17 times of lemon), vitamin A (20 times of tomato), which lightens the skin and tightens the structure of elasticity to prepare the penta (5) balancing. Not only does the Never Drying cosmetics prevent the skin from aging, but also form the skin younger. The products are extremely moisturizing and creates a flawless skin.