Dr. Roots
Never Ending Moisture Never Drying Line
What is the Never Drying Line?
Dr. Roots Line is for those who have troubles with their scalp and hair. isoi Dr. Roots made of only natural ingredients is a fundamental solution to change the hair healthy starting from the roots. This line is suitable for people who have frequently itchy scalp, redness and troublesome scalp, sensitive scalp, weak hair, and for those who are looking for 100% pure natural hair product.
What are the benefits of using is the Never Drying Line?
Dr. Roots shampoo doesn’t use petroleum-based surfactants (SLS, SLES), but only uses natural surfactant derived from Coconut Oil, which could be safely used to sensitive scalps. Since any kind of silicone components are not included, this shampoo does not block pores and softly cleans every dirt without leaving residues. Ingredients made of natural extracts magnificently repairs the scalp and hair.