Bulgarian Rose
The Original Bulgarian Rose Line
What is the Bulgarian Rose Product Line?
isoi uses top-rated Prime Grade Bulgarian Rose oil certified by the Bulgarian government.
3,000 rose petals are used to create 1ml of rose oil, ensuring the quality and efficacy of each product. This rose oil is found in all products in the Bulgarian Rose Line.
What are the benefits of using Prime Grade Bulgarian Rose oil?
  • - Has 20 times more Vitamin A than a tomato and 17 times more Vitamin C than a lemon
  • - Gives the skin vitality and delays aging
  • - Suitable for all skin types including delicate and sensitive skin
  • - Fast-acting due to the micro-consistency of Bulgarian rose oil
  • - Fragrance is used often for aromatherapy as it evokes positive feelings
  • - Salutary effect on women’s hygienic concerns